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What is uViewIt?

1. uViewit is video surveillance software that controls your video camera(s), webcam, or DV camcorder, and using motion detection records all activity to your COMPUTER, transforming them into stealth video surveillance devices!! Now with Audio and Video Streaming!

2. uViewIt lets you REMOTELY MONITOR your camera(s) using an Internet browser. You can view live images, review recorded events, or video conference with friends. 
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NOTE: Hit the green "Connect" button, then enter 'guest@uviewit.com' when prompted.  You will be given brief access to a live camera powered by uViewIt.

Benefits of using uViewIt:
     Home - watch your Home while your away.
     Nanny - monitor your Baby Sitter.
     Retail - see your Employees at work.
     Fun - watch your Kids grow up using Time-Lapse.

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Motion detection using uViewIt Multi-Cam.
Surveillance with 4 cameras

Advantages of Digital Recording and Reviewing:

  Saves time! Digitally recorded video can be recorded and reviewed much faster than VHS tapes.
Saves money! Eliminates costs of replacing old tapes or servicing video recorders.
Saves space! Today's PC hard drives hold tons of data. Now they can store your video recordings in any format. (ie. MPEG4, Indeo, RawAVI, etc.
Saves police work! Snagged a thief? Easily print the crystal clear images or burn them onto a CD or DVD!
Saves quality! Since digital quality does not degrade over time, the images will be preserved forever on your hard drive or external media!

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3 Security Camera Options

You cam run multiple instances of the single-cam version using usb webcams, dv camcorders, tv capture cards, etc. uViewIt

- Single screenshot control for one to  four cameras

- Every uViewIt feature except PTZ control. Most 4-port cards supported.

(10-day Free Trial)

- Cost ($):29.95


Use our switcher to connect up to 4 cameras to your laptop via 1 USB 2.0 port uViewIt PTZ

- Single screenshot control for up to four cameras

- Every uViewIt feature, including PTZ control.

PTZ Support:
- Pelco D-Protocol
- Sony VISCA
- RS-485/RS-232

Cost ($):49.95
(cameras not included)


uViewIt controls PTZ cameras remotely via your Serial port. uViewIt TV-iPod

- Record your favorite movies or TV shows for your Video iPod

- supports native format 320x240 in AAC/MPEG4 compression.

Cost ($):29.95
(cameras not included)



"WOW, using uViewIt allowed us to aid police in capturing a thief caught stealing valuables from our car... We simply provided police with the video evidence!"

-Henry M.
Smoke Prod., Inc.

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3 Easy steps to a High-Tech Home Front:
1. Download a TRIAL copy of uViewIt Security Software. Put your Home in Stealth Surveillance Mode Today!
2. Install any USB webcam, TV card, or NTSC camera...including wireless, B&W/Color, or infrared on your computer.
3. Install a uViewIt switch. (Only for multi-camera setup)

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uViewIt Features

§ Controls 1 to 4 cameras connected to your computer.  Records video using MPEG-4 compression or any compression format installed on your computer.

§ Remote Login "password protected" viewing from any internet connected PC. No firewall or port configuring needed.
(free 60 day trial)

§ PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras can be controlled remotely.
(PTZ capable camera needed. Sony VISCA and D-Protocol over RS-485/RS-232 supported)

§ Hot Zone Mapping and sensitivity settings to record only areas and activity you want recorded at different times of the day.

§ Works with most video capture cards, TV Tuner cards, and any combination of NTSC/PAL cameras, USB web cameras, DV camcorders, 4-port cards, etc.

§ Review mode allows you to scan recorded image history and time-stamped images taken days earlier. Live video is also recorded to your computer's hard drive.

§ Motion detection sensitivity settings can be adjusted real-time.

§ Time-Lapse images can have snapshots taken at set intervals.

§ NEW! Continuous Recording of video (between certain times) and record audio only feature added.

§ Sends Email & Pager alerts when motion is detected on any camera.
§ NEW! Advanced Features: now supports ASF/WMV files through Windows Media Profiles. Also, MPEG-2 Encoder boards are supported.

NEW! Motion Distance feature added. (only capture images close to the camera.)

Helpful statistics for optimum placement of surveillance cameras...

"Every 14 seconds, a burglar enters a U.S. home using the following common pathway:"

34% Front Door
23% First Floor Window
22% Back Door
9% Garage
6% Unlocked Doorways
4% Basement
2% Second Floor

FBI, Crime in the U.S., 2001

Latest Security News:

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