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The Video iPod® and uViewIt

           uviewit and the new video ipod

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uViewIt 1.8.16

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uViewIt  version 1.8.16 allows you to record your own video or movies, and play them on your video iPod®. Now create videos for the Zune!
This is TV on demand! Watch when you want to watch!
With uViewIt, you can create these videos in iPod's native (320x240) resolution as .mp4 files. There is no need for conversion.
System Requirements

PC with Pentium® IV processor

Microsoft® Windows® XP

TV card or USB TV

Sound card

Live TV


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uViewIt 1.8.16

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Some of uViewIt's features:

-Schedule to record your favorite TV shows and copy them to your iPod®.
-Monitor & Record
live activity at your home/business from within your home or anywhere in the world using any NTSC camera (Wireless, BW/Color, Infrared, USB cam, TV Card,  or DV camcorder).

-Save video in AVI, MP4, or .WMV format, still pictures in JPEG/GIF format. Select any Video Compression you want, audio is recorded in MP3 or AAC format. You can even use Windows Media Profiles to make custom video compression settings.

-Record TV and motion detection (with a camera) to your hard drive.

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