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Getting Started!!

Once you download and install uViewIt, you can run it (uViewIt.exe) from the following directory:
C:\Program Files\uViewIt Corporation\uViewIt\  or a desktop icon will be created for you during the install.

Each time you open uViewIt, you will see a "KEY" with a summary of each feature.  A more detailed description of each feature can be found below.
Also, there is Context-Sensitive Help throughout every menu and Dialog box.
NEW! - Hot Keys have been added:
M = Cam1 Menu, T = TV Tuner, X = Video Crossbar, Z = Timed Zones,
S = Video Settings, F = Show filters in use (
also shows frame rate, and uplink bandwidth)

Command-Line options for uViewIt.exe:
-d1  (means start uViewIt using the first video device)

For Video Streaming help, see our FAQs.

uViewIt icon:
uViewit Program icon              Questions/Comments? support@uviewit.com

uViewIt single-cam screen shot
Screenshot of uViewIt with 1 Camera

(Click "Name" for detailed description of feature)
ICON Name Description
Start This button Starts uViewit. Some features/menus are not accessible in this mode.
Stop This button Stops uViewit.
Review This feature allows you to review activity captured by uViewIt. Click this button first, then use the backspace/spacebar key to scan.
Configuration This is your main Configuration menu where you can access Email, Advanced, and Remote Viewing settings.
Timed Zones This feature allows you to set Hot Zone masking and times for motion detection.
Video Compression Click this button to select a video compression codec, which defaults to Windows Media 9 Video. Microsoft's MPEG-4 may also be installed and used.
Video Format This feature allows you to change the video settings and format of your camera(s)
Cam1 settings Click this button to set camera motion properties and sensitivity of Cam1.
Cam2 settings Click this button to set camera motion properties and sensitivity of Cam2.
Cam3 settings Click this button to set camera motion properties and sensitivity of Cam3.
Cam4 settings Click this button to set camera motion properties and sensitivity of Cam4.
Option Description
Remote Viewing   Hot! This feature allows you to access your camera from anywhere with and Internet connection!

How To: Description
Automatically start uViewIt when rebooting: "Stealth Mode" From the uViewIt main menu select File -> Configure Service. Then check the box to have uViewIt start when the computer reboots. Click Save. (This will install uViewItService.) When you reboot, uViewIt should start automatically, and be completely hidden "Stealth Mode" (if you selected). Now if you want to access uViewIt you must stop the uViewItService service:

Open your computer's Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel-> Admin. Tools). Then <double-click> Services. Now locate the "uViewItService" service and <right-click> on it, then select "stop". This will stop uViewIt.

Now just start uViewIt normally (click the Desktop icon), make your changes, and close uViewIt then start the uViewItService (which will now restart uViewIt in the background).


For Windows 98 Users:

  1. Start the Registry Editor
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
  3. Add the following key: uViewIt and REGSZ value: "C:\Program Files\uViewit Corporation\uViewIt\uViewIt.exe"
  4. Close the registry editor 
  5. Restart the computer


Is it possible to make a movie from the Time Lapse or Snapshot images?
Sure, using products like Microsoft's Photo Story 3 or Movie Maker
Errors: Solution
file not found: INSTMSIA.EXE

You might see this error when installing uViewIt on Windows 98 or ME:

The version of Microsoft's Installer (MSI) agent on your PC is out of
date. Please use one of the links below to download and install the MSI
version that is appropriate for your PC. You should have no problem
installing uViewIt after installing the new MSI Installer.


To download the Windows Installer file from the Web, visit one of the
following Microsoft Web sites:

Instmsia.exe for Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition:
      download here

Some AVI video files are corrupt, or don't play, or you receive the error:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

Corrupt video files could be caused by several things:

-computer power failures/interruptions
-your computer is set for hibernation mode or standby
-unexpected reboots
-your Windows Media Player codecs are corrupt or damaged


First, see if the video file plays on a different machine. If it does, then your Windows Media codecs are damaged. You can fix this at Microsoft's codec website.
Also try the WMPlugins website.

If the video file won't play on any computer then the AVI file itself is damaged. Make sure you have a good UPS system for power surges and failures. Also, disable system Standby and Hibernation features. You can still enable screen savers and shut power to your Monitor, but not to the computer or Hard drive...uViewIt needs these 2 things to record video.


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